We often hear the word BRANDING. But do you know the process that involves in BRANDING??

Abhishek G Y
2 min readJan 24, 2021


Branding is a circular process that involves these actions:-

1.Product definition: You can brand any product or services, business or personalities, but everything has to start without knowing of what the product or service stands for so defining the product is the first stage.

2. Positioning: Each and every very brand is unique in its own and has meaning. Here brand will position itself in the marketplace by defining its purpose, what it aims to do and what they stand for.

3. Promise: When a brand is launched in marketplace, every brand aims to provide a solution or develop a solution to various tasks that we come across in our everyday life. The brand defines its vision and mission and promises to the consumers that they stand by it.

4.Presentation: It’s all about presenting your brands unique identity to the consumers. It includes from designing your brand logo to creating brand marketing collateral's where each elements used in designing defines the brand identity and highlights their products or service which they intended to sell by which it will develop consumer interest and credibility in your offering.

5.Persistence: It’s the stage where the consistency is key, while many try to adopt new by improvising their strategy by offering more promises, they fail, here instead of trying new things at an early stage its better to focus on what the brand has promised to its consumers, collect their feedback and improve on the quality of the service provided or upgrading the existing product by adding new features. Which always build trust in the brand they use.

6.Brand Analysis: It’s all about analyzing how your brand performed in the marketplace, what are the perception about your brand in customers mind?, Does your brand resonate the value ?. By analyzing every aspect brands can improve its offerings and rectify the errors.

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