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Personal Branding : Become a Hero of your own brand | Abhishek G Y

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or a freelancer you need to have a great personal brand which will always allow you to get ahead in life

Do you want to build a personal brand? Wondering how to create a viable business around your personal brand?

Here are some of biggest benefits of building your personal brand in 2021

> Recognition

> Networking opportunities

> Position

> A career full of perks

> Higher productivity

> And the most important is getting is your DREAM JOB

Apply the personal branding strategies to rapidly grow your personal brand in 2021 in just 10 steps..!

1) Define your target audience and message

The first thing you have to do when it comes to building a personal brand is to define your message what you want communicate to them and the audience to whom you are reaching.

The next step is defining the social media and modalities through which you can communicate your personal brand easily.

2) Identify your niche

Identify the skill which you really good at and create a stunning content around it which grabs the audience attention.

3) Showcase your skills

When you have more skills, you can create enormous content which will help you to build your own brand community , every skill that you process takes you to a different level so keep learning.

4) Create a manifesto around your brand

When you build a brand around you, its always important to have a manifesto by which people drive to engage with your content, it may your goals, ambitions or vision/mission or the problems which you aim to solve.

5) Create a Good bio and a Portfolio

When people visit your profile on the social media channels, the first thing they see is your profile therefore update and complete your your profile 100% , Add the latest information about education, skill, etc and write a innovative bio about yourself that can describe about the purpose and top skills you process.

6) Start creating the content and be consistent

When your profile is ready, start connecting or following the people from your domain, parallely ,create the content based upon your interest which should be authentic and aims to solve or teach about a problem or a topic ( Create a content that is visually good by adding graphics and highlighting the message also including CTA at the end to engage with the audience).

7) Share the knowledge and build the community

When you start sharing, many people will benefit from the content by which you can gain more followers and builds your own base.

8) Give high value Assets

Giving an information which is precious and solves the problem will always be appreciated and drives majority of the people to be connected with you, all because they are gaining useful information which helps them to be successful.

9) Optimize your profile and focus on SEO Keywords

SEO is the key, when you content is being noticed across the network, Do keyword research and use top keywords which rank higher in the search engines and include them in your website,blog posts etc to get recognized easily.

10) Market your content across different social media channels

The content which you create should be marketed across the social media through content marketing , where we define the media and the target audience and create content that suits them and drive them to engage to it , so create and rightfully distribute the content across various social media channels ( LinkedIn, YouTube,Twitter ,Facebook etc ) to get noticed across the web.

Are you building your personal brand ??

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